Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wow, time flies once you are home!

I can not believe that we have been home for just over 5 weeks now!  It is amazing how slow time went between each referral batch (about a month each batch) for the first half of the year and now how quickly time has gone since we've been home.  Mia Jade has done an amazing job adjusting to her new life.  She is such an easy and happy child.  She has meld into our family so easily.  One funny thing about her is that she loves to give kisses!  She even kisses the dog.  In fact, the dog may have gotten the most kisses out of any of us!  It's so funny how most of these kids are scared of dogs and she can't get enough of our big black lab.

She is saying only a few english words such as "mama", "bye-bye" and "bow" but she understands much more.  Communication has not been much of an issue as people seem to think.  As a mom you tend to know what your child wants/needs.

She is walking so much better than just a few weeks ago.  I think she had just started walking a couple weeks before we got her and toddled like a 12 month old but now she is much more stable and really gets around well.

She is very independent.  I think some of that is her age as toddlers like to do things on their own, part is her upbringing having done things on her own and part of it is her personality.  But is it joyful to see her trying things and getting joy out of succeeding.  And she is very good at copying what you do.

She is very ticklish and has a great laugh!

She will eat anything.  I haven't found anything yet that she won't eat including vegetables; she loves corn on the cob!  They told us at the orphanage that she likes to snack and they aren't kidding.  But I think they gave out snacks like toys, something for them to do.

She's just learning what to do with toys.  I don't think they had many/any toys at the orphanage.  She would rather pick up a pen than a toy.  I think they may have just handed her anything that they had in their hands to entertain her.

She definitely still favors me but is doing better away from me each day.  She is staring to go to her daddy more readily as well.  And daddy has been awesome in his patience.  She loves Zane and I know Zane loves her but he's still adjusting a bit to sharing mommy and daddy.  News flash: 5 year old boys don't like it when their 18 month old sister comes and takes his Legos or army men, in case you needed to know.

I am so proud of her.  It is really overwhelming when you think of the changes that she has faced.  Her entire world is different - the people, place, timezone, food, routine, language - and she is as happy as I could ever have expected.

We are so blessed.  Having her finally in our family has given me the greatest peace in my life that I have ever known!  I thank God that He provided me with the faith to fulfill the calling that He placed in my heart so many years ago!

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Alyson and Ford said...

Love seeing her pictures. What a perfect family you are! Your observations were very similar to our AA - she still does not really know how to play with toys and we have not found a food she does not like!
We are so happy for you and have relived our adoption milestones with you!

Alyzabeth's Mommy