Sunday, February 17, 2008

FCC Chinese New Year Celebration

Our local FCC group had our CNY celebration this weekend and it was a great event.  It would be so easy to feel down about the wait and not attend but it's such a great shot in the arm of why we are doing this.  The beautiful girls and boys with their families is truly a celebration. Many of the children where celebrating CNY with their "forever families" for the first time this year.  It was great to see them all!   Oh yeah, I sure liked showing off Zane as well!  He was SO cute in his chinese outfit.  

Saturday, February 09, 2008

First Trip to the Zoo

We took advantage of this beautiful Florida day and went to the zoo. I must say Zane didn't seem too impressed but still it was a wonderful family outing. We went to the zoo a year ago for Valinetine's Day so that's part of the reason we decided to go today - an early Valinetine's Day since we'll be working on Thursday. But it was also a day of reflecting that a year ago we knew nothing about Zane entering our lives! It was such a wonderful day to share the zoo with our son!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year - Year Of the Rat

Rats mark the commencement of the cycle of 12 Chinese zodiacs and thus are associated with enterprising and aggressive qualities. To start with listing the traits of a Rat, it is important to first know what this animal image stands for in Chinese philosophy. Rat has strong associations with material success such as wealth and other luxuries of life. It is their aggression, charm, hard work, discipline and passionate nature that gives an edge to their persona in comparison to others. There are good chances of Rats being wealthy and professionally successful in their lives. They are quick, energetic and mold themselves easily according to the situation, which makes them excellent problem solvers too. Unlike most of other zodiac signs, Rats believe in having a handful of friends, but they share a special bonding with all of them.

When it comes to competition, nobody can be as manipulative as they are. They are tactful and can go to great extents to win a battle. Yet honesty and unprejudiced attitude is something others need to learn from Rats. A heavy karma chakra may lead to inner conflicts. It is likely for them to indulge in speculation and other adventurous tasks in order to give an outlet to their emotions. If this kind of an outlet is not available, they might turn to self-destruction. The best spiritual message Chinese sages give to Rats is to observe self-control and be considerate while dealing with people around them. Their dynamism can be accessed with the diversity of professions they can choose. On one hand they can lend a perfection to works of art in literature, on the other hand they can also be excellent detectives, accountants, engineers and pathologists. Law and politics are some other areas they can try their hands on. Hope this year of Rats 2008 becomes the harbinger of health, wealth and good fortune for all of us.

(I copied the above from