Wednesday, March 04, 2009

3 Year Mark

I feel like all of my posts these days are negative news about "the wait" but "the wait" just hit the 3 year mark for those logged in March 2006 - it's looking more like we will be waiting at least 4 years. I never though that would really happen. Also, we went through all of February without any referrals. Yes, referrals just came out early in March so we may see a second set in March but who knows. And for 2 referral batches in 2009, they have covered 6 days - 2 of which fell on the weekend. So where is that positive wind that we heard was blowing?

On a good note, the little girl that we have sponsored for over 2 years through Grace & Hope has been adopted! What great news. We have watched her grow (and wondered why a non-special needs infant wasn't placed earlier) since fall 2006. I hope her adjustment to her Forever Family will go smoothly. I'm so glad she was able to be in a home setting while she waited. We look forward to our new child.