Wednesday, January 24, 2007

JinMei's surgery

JinMei had her surgery yesterday and everything went as planned. She is a brave, tough little girl, as well as her mom. It is so wonderful that Patrons of the Hearts did this surgery for free. Thank you for all the prayers - keep them coming during her recovery!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's Worth the Wait!

What a Gotcha Day photo!! This is my friend Laureen who just got her baby Isabel a few hours ago. I've never seen a happier pair! Laureen has already posted on her blog that every painful moment of the wait was worth it and has been washed away! I am so happy for her and Isabel!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

JinMei is Here!

She arrived Thursday morning (1-18-07) and she is even more beautiful in real life. (If you're not sure what I'm talking about, I spoke of her in a previous post on 12-8-06). She is so tiny - she looks like she's 6 or 7 instead of 9! They went to work right away - she had a 3 hour doctor appointment on Thursday (after a flight from China!) where they determined her heart condition was not as bad as they feared, which is very good news, but it is a condition that still does need surgery. Yesterday she had a cardiac cath so they could gather more information on her condition and her surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday (1-23-07). It's an amazing thing to bring a little girl half way around the world for a life saving surgery! The group doing the surgery called Patrons of the Heart said something about doing a child a year from China! Wouldn't that be incredible! Back to JinMei, there is a website and blog created that has more photos of her, updates on her progress and ways you can help; please visit A Heart for China. Please keep her in your prayers!

Friday, January 12, 2007

4 Months down - now we're talkin!

So, today is 4 months since our LID and it's really gone by pretty quickly. The current wait is at 16 months. If it could stay there (or even go up and come back down to 16 months), then we are 25% through our wait. That sounds pretty good. Unfortunately the wait has been continuing to grow. I think (hope) the worst case scenario would be 20 months, which would put us at May 2008 and that would mean we are 20% through - I can handle that! So we will continue to wait and watch the wait and count the months. 4 down, ? to go! Congrats to my fellow 9/06'ers for 4 successful waiting months!

P.S. We got our 25th square & wish for our "100 good wish quilt" today which means we have 25% of our squares - could it be a good luck sign that we are 25 % through our wait - that would be nice!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I have a HAPPY husband!

As you may know, we are big football fans - Mike a huge Florida Gator fan (and me a Florida State Nole). Well, last night the Florida Gators won the National Championship! I did NOT enjoy the last time, 1996, the Gators won the National Championship because they beat the Noles to do it. But last night I actually enjoyed watching the Gators prove the nation wrong, that they DID deserve to play in the championship game and they destroyed the Buckeyes! Mike is SO excited. Congrats to all you in the Gator Nation!