Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 is on it's way

The last couple of years I have said farewell to the year with a blog posting so here it goes! Besides the continued ridiculous slowdown in China referrals and a couple trips to the ER with Zane for respiratory issues, I can't complain much about 2009 - it's been pretty kind to us. Zane of course has been the focus of life. He has changed so much in a year. His first year came with great changes but the second year is a blossoming of a personality. He is so much fun. You can have a conversation with him, he loves to do things on his own, very independent, and he is so loving as well. It sounds crazy but after over 2 years, I still can't believe he is in our life. I am in total awe of God's plan and power. This year has actually been pretty quiet, which is a good thing. Besides the daily fun stuff like bike riding, going to the park, the beach, the zoo etc we didn't have too much big stuff happen which is okay. One of my favorite things of the year was the holidays. Zane really had some understanding of Christmas and Santa which was a lot of fun. We read books about Christmas (regarding Santa and reindeer as well as the birth of Jesus), visited Santa (4 times!), Christmas parties and of course lots of presents which he enjoyed. Each day with him is more fun than the previous.
The unfortunate news is that CCAA only referred 34 days in 2009 - and I was disappointed with 71 days in 2008. We have no idea when we will see a referral for Mia Jade - some say another 3 years, ugh. Only time will tell. I hate it but I really hate it for my friends still waiting for their first child. We have Zane in our lives so the pain of waiting for Mia is greatly diminished.
2009 was the year of Facebook, Michael Jackson passed away and the Tiger Wood's scandal. It was filled with big bailouts and rising unemployment, which thankfully we have been spare of so far. But in our piece of the world, it was a good year. We can only hope 2010 will be as kind but we could also hope for better - in the form of a speed up in referrals. Happy New Year everyone! And welcome a new decade, 2010!!