Friday, March 15, 2013

6 Months Home

It is really amazing how fast time goes now compared to how slowly it went before our referral.  Mia Jade has been in my arms for 6 months now and I truly can not imagine, remember life without her.  Partially I think because I always knew she was going to be in my life.  I didn't know her face, where she would come from or when, but God has prepared my heart for her for 30 years.  And now she is here and she is such a joy!  She is so happy, laughs the biggest belly laugh, is daring and adventurous, and is overall just fun and easy.

She little notes on her development.  She loves to look at books now but her favorite are photo books of the family.  I love when she sees a picture of me, she looks at me and says "mama" and gives me a kiss.  She loves to give kisses!  And she also loves pictures of her daddy.  She is saying a lot of words now but mostly single words, hasn't really put two words together yet and her words need work on pronunciation.  She can keep herself busy and entertained playing by herself (something her brother never did!).  She likes to pretend to change her baby doll's diapers.  For a girl who did not know toys, she loves toys and can throw a fit for them in the store....we are approaching the terrible two's after all.  Her favorite things are her shoes, purses and jacket...definitely a girl.  She will pack as much as she can into a purse and then get on her rocking horse to go.  She got her first haircut...didn't think that would ever happen after her spiky hair when we got her.  And she LOVES the water.  She loves her bath, the pool and will head right into the ocean.  This summer is going to be fun!

Everyone told me that 6 months is when everything seems to just settle in and I believe that; I'm not saying is all perfect.  Zane still has struggles in his new life sharing mom and dad (and grandmom) and more than once has said he didn't want a little sister but each day is better.  He loves her one minute and doesn't the next...just like siblings I guess.  Mia Jade has made our part of being parents of two very easy.  She is just such an easy going girl.  And she is just happy.

As I was working the other day, I remembered how much of my time would be taken up by looking for referral news, calculating how much longer it would take, pining over how long the wait was.  I feel so refreshed and relaxed now.  The wait was very hard.  There is NO DOUBT it was worth is but it really was hard.  I am so glad that part is behind us and we are the family I always prayed for.  I LOVE my babies!