Wednesday, March 28, 2012

September is on deck!

The great news has arrived...this batch finished August and September is next! There is such a buzz "in the air" with all of my September LID web-friends. Everyone is sharing their predictions, what their agency is saying, and what we are doing to get ready. Did you get that...getting ready, as in getting ready for a BABY! It looks like our referral could come in June...possibly even MAY! That thought is hard to conceive.

I've said for so long, trying to explain to others, that waiting is kind of like waiting in line for a ride at Disney. You can see how many people are in front of you, and the sign said how long you have to wait when you got in line, but the ride keeps breaking down, adding unexpected delays. But we are finally near the front of the line, watching those we waited with finally get on the ride. I can see the roller coaster...we are almost on!

Friday, March 16, 2012

There's a breeze in the air

When I named our blog "journey to Mia Jade", I had no idea what a journey it would be. It has been 6 years this month since our paperchase began to adopt from China; a process we expected to be 15 months. There has been little to celebrate regarding this adoption along the way - batch sizes that have halved in size over and over, batch sizes that went from 30 days per month to sometimes only 2 days, a month that took a year to complete referrals (March '06) and the realization that it was going to take 3, 4, then 5, and now 6 years complete. But we have continued to wait, mostly because my conviction that my daughter comes from China. We could have tried a second domestic adoption, Zane's went so perfectly, and maybe we should have, but I remember a wish, a whisper that my daughter comes from China.

So the breeze in the air? Rumors that this match, expected to be revealed next week, could be finishing up August '06. That means next are September referrals, showing up in April. Can it be true? Can it really be happening? We are September 12th. Twelve days, twelve marbles, twelve paper links, away from a photo of our daughter, Zane's sister, their granddaughter. Will it be in June? In July? Could a blessing of a big batch bring it in May? Whichever it may be, it is coming. The breeze is starting to fill my sails, causing motion, emotion. The next three or four months will be tough and exciting. There is so much to do, so many things to fear, changes that will take place for so many people, especially for a small child who is somewhere literally half way around the world waiting for her family. I know now that she is alive, a strange concept I often have wondered about as we got closer, but farther away from a referral. So stay tuned and pray. The time is coming, it's almost here...can you feel the breeze?