Wednesday, January 09, 2013

4 Months since Gotcha!

I can hardly believe it has already been 4 months since that day in a hot sticky second floor office in Guiyang, Guizhou Fu Han Yu was place in my arms.  She was so scared, confused and almost devoid of emotion for the first 10 minutes and then tears.  She scratched at my face and ripped off my earring as I took her from the people she knew.  That first night was scary for her and us.  What were we doing on the other side of the world getting a toddler who doesn't know a word of what we are saying or us what she was saying.  But some stacking cups and an order of french fries seemed to make it all better.

Now I can't imagine life without her.  She is such a joy, has an amazing giggle and smile and the cutest wrinkles on her nose when she laughs really hard.  She is so comfortable in really any surroundings.  She goes on in to Sunday school and child care at the gym without reservation because she is confidant mommy will be back soon.  She will entertain herself so much that I often feel badly when she is off playing alone and I am doing something or playing with Zane but she is super content.  Although she is very happy when it is her turn to have my full attention.

She is speaking a new word almost everyday and seems to understand most anything said to her.  She loves her shoes and is eager to get her jacket when it's time to go.  She must have a bow on her head before leaving her room but it hardly ever lasts by time we get to where we are going.  She knows what she wants and let's you know when it is not going the way she wants it.  She loves her big brother and imitates him often.  And she is crazy about dogs.

She is starting to sit in my lap and listen to a book and look at the pages.  From her reaction/behavior a few months ago when I would try to read her a book, I am pretty sure she had never had a book shown to her or read to her.  And she really likes puzzles.

I am so impressed by how well she has done and adapted so quickly.  She is super sweet and fun and the answer to my prayers!!  She was well worth the wait!