Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Detour on our Journey!

Mike and I are bursting! We have been chosen to adopt a baby boy through a domestic adoption! Since China is taking much longer than expected, be began looking into other options while we wait. We got "the call" on Monday and met his birth mother on Tuesday. We just adore her! She is a teenager (and that's about all I want to share about her or the birth father just to protect all involved) and she seems very prepared to put the baby up for adoption. She is due in only 6 weeks so we have a TON to do to get ready! We are so excited! Mia's going to have a big brother!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

1 Year LID

Today is our year anniversary of our LID. I think I would be more excited if we didn't have another 1 1/2-2 years of waiting. But it is something I guess. We are one year closer to finally having a child in our lives.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Xianbei had her surgery - in China!!

A couple of weeks ago we heard from Matthew that the Chinese government contacted Xianbei's mother about possibly being able to help Xianbei with her surgery at home in Nanning. It seems that after they all got Visas to come here for her surgery, a government official somehow got involved and made arrangements for her care in China. She had her surgery already and is recovering well. What a blessing! We were not even close to our financial goals to have her come next month - we would have done it one way or another, but it would have been difficult. I'm so glad we agreed to help her - by just arranging to get her here, a door was opened that was closed before!

We already have another possible child that is in great need. Somehow Matthew got a letter from a mother desperate for help. Their 18 month old has had one heart surgery, which took every bit of assets this family has, and she still needs two more. Her parents were told that her other surgeries were difficult and expensive and basically to give up. We'll see if we can help her. We have contacted the medical group to see if she is a candidate.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vegas Baby!

Mike and I headed to Vegas this past weekend. It was our first trip to Vegas and we had a great time. We went with Mike's sister & husband and two other couples. We saw "Love" the Cirque du Soleil with all Beatles music, went to the club "Tao", and even sat a table over from Sarah Silverman one night at dinner. We did just a little gamble which means we didn't win much but we didn't lose much either! It was a real good time, and it's always nice to get away from the daily stress of "the wait".